dsc_0494Soon spring will arrive and once again, we will see trees bloom and perennial bulbs sprout, all those things the gardener loves about the season. Annual flowers offer showy blooms for this time of year. Grass gets green as we begin to enjoy the out-of-doors again. Are you ready? Is your yard ready?

If you’re not sure your landscape will look lush and beautiful for the spring and summer seasons, perhaps you need the services of a Boulder landscaping contractor. For general maintenance and proper fertilization, it is often most appropriate to hire a professional for lawn care.

Seasoned professionals know just when and how to plant annual flowers for long-lasting color and blooms as you wait for perennial flowers to sprout and blossom.

We will also rejuvenate your lawn and landscape with:

  • mulch
  • reseed bare spots
  • aerate, if needed
  • weed control and removal

While spring blooming bulbs such as crocus and tulips put on a seasonal show, summer blooming bulbs go into the ground for continuous blooms. Planting summer blooming bulbs is an art. Spring is also an appropriate time to add shrubbery to the landscape. Existing hedges and bushes may require pruning now. Pruning is an important reason to have a professional taking care of such maintenance. Pruning shrubs at the wrong time can eliminate the bloom cycle. Many bushes require pruning when blooms are finished for the season.

20140818_124039There’s much work to getting the lawn and garden ready to look its best in spring. If you’re not up to all these chores yourself or don’t have the proper knowledge and equipment, maybe you’re considering using a Boulder landscaping contractor. If so, contact Don King Landscaping. Our experienced professionals know all phases of maintenance, lawn care, and installation.

Eliminate the hassle of outdoor upkeep with a weekly visit. Our crews keep your yard immaculate, and the flower beds weed free. If you are a DIY gardener and want to do some of the work, we can pick up the other chores and even advise on situations such as soil conditions and plant placement.

Don’t Give Up the DIY

Using a crew does not require that you give up those DIY projects you enjoy. Maybe you want to build a raised bed to grow herbs and vegetables. Ask us about bringing the soil to fill it. Are you planning a winding garden path among shaded beds of beautiful blooms? Spring is the perfect time to get started. Think of all the time you can save by having someone else do the upkeep and yard maintenance.

Possibly, you enjoy doing some of the early spring clean-up and pruning. Use our services without giving up those chores you enjoy. We can clean the gutters while you plant flowers. Consider us as a back-up for unexpected tasks.

Maybe your spring chores include starting a compost pile. Well-rotted compost serves as an organic substitute for chemical fertilizers. Leaves and grass clippings add to the elements needed to make great compost. You can add some kitchen scraps, too, but do not use meat, bones, dairy or oil. Cut fruit and vegetable peels into small pieces to make them compost more quickly. And turn the pile often, top to bottom. You will soon have black, earthy compost to use as fertilizer (sparingly) on your new plantings. Use as top-dressing.

More Than Caring for the Lawn

Possibly, the plants are not your first concern and yard maintenance includes more than mowing the lawn. Are you in a newer home and experiencing drainage issues that may potentially damage your home’s foundation. We can help. Our services are more extensive than yard maintenance. Does your air conditioner need service? Contact us first for a comprehensive package of services.

Do you have trash that needs to hauled off or an outdoor building that needs to be pressure-washed? We can do anything that needs to be handled outside.

Maybe your needs and wishes include sturdy seating throughout the yard. Custom-built benches combined with planters are easily put together by our professionals. A water feature might be just what you need to make your yard unique. Maybe you need a new look throughout the property. We are happy to discuss your options.

Perhaps your outdoor plan requires a retaining wall and steps to navigate a steep hill. Are you in need of a fence to keep the dogs on your property and alleviate those daily leash chores? Contact us; we have a wide range of services. We can determine a master plan to include all of your needs.

Expand Your Outdoor Living

20140519_111637The popularity of rooms outdoors grows each season, as witnessed by outdoor fireplaces and fire pits in the outdoor plan to extend the season. Our ability to add Nightscaping extends your outdoor day. Nightscaping illuminates that deck, patio or outdoor room for safe and easy use of the area where it is installed. The lighting is energy efficient and another means of making it comfortable to spend late night hours there.

If you’ve not yet added an outdoor room or special area, let us know your vision. Do you want an outdoor kitchen, fully contained, with more than a grill? Or is a bar area more appropriate? Do you wish to entertain guests outside or hold large family gatherings to celebrate special occasions? Let us chart your wishes as we draw the master plan for your outdoor areas. Take a look at our portfolio to see previous installations.

Whatever your need or desire, we can help. From installing custom flower beds to cutting and edging the grass, we’re regularly there to fill your needs. Contact us to get started on your garden chores. Spring is quickly approaching.

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