The beauty of a sealed driveway or patio area is gaining ground among Boulder homeowners

Driveway MaintenanceThe correct sealant will give your driveway a stunning surface and a Boulder landscaping contractor can help you find the right one to make your outdoor zones shine. Simply sweeping or washing your driveway during increment weather cycles doesn’t help you with driveway maintenance for the long term.

Updating your hard-surface areas outside your home can be a rewarding experience, both financially and visually. A good driveway sealant closes off the pores of concrete and asphalt, which make up 90 percent of driveways in the United States. Custom driveways add an impressive splendor to an otherwise simple space.

Driveway maintenance can be a pain

Many outdoor materials are permeable and take in the moisture from rain and snow quite easily. Household chemicals that are used to clean the driveway, icing salt, oil, fertilizer and other everyday liquids can discolor or damage driveway masonry over time. A sealed driveway can make this constant concern for homeowners go away.

Unsealed outdoor areas are much more susceptible to cracks from rain, snow and fluctuation from low to high temperatures. Once a crack begins, moisture can seep into the earth that is below the masonry material and create pools of stagnant water that will expand and thaw over time. Heavy vehicles and wandering roots from nearby trees can also stress a driveway or patio and create cracks that can grow quite large if left untreated.

Specifically, a sealant reserves the color and texture of the space, waterproofs the underlying material, dustproofs the area for better breathability and makes the material stain-resistant to the typical household chemicals.

Concrete has become a leading material for contractors and sealing materials are abundant. Each is formulated to provide a different level of protection for your needs.
The correct sealant will give your driveway a stunning surface. There are a few types of sealants to consider for an outdoor stone, brick or granite area, either newly installed or nicely settled over time. Your Boulder landscaping contractor can help you decide which sealant is correct for your project.

Sealants that are currently available to residential consumers are rather diverse and environmentally safe. At a minimum, sealants can protect the driveway color from fading and prevent minor cracks from every day use. More than that, however, a newly sealed driveway with curving swirls of stamped concrete can increase curb appeal. It’s the first thing you notice when you drive up to your home and can be a welcoming addition to a drab façade.

Oil, antifreeze and other typical vehicle leaks won’t be able to penetrate the sealed driveway, making for a long-lasting, striking front section of your home.
Water-based sealants tend to wear down quicker than chemical-based sealants but do give a nice satin appearance. Chemically reactive sealers penetrate into the material to make them nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you are looking to add color, solvent-based acrylic resin sealers and epoxies provide a nice sheen with a high-gloss finish. For more diverse finish options, urethanes can provide a matte, gloss or mixed sheen. Epoxy or polyurethane sealers tend to cost more than acrylics, which doesn’t always mean they are better for the job. They can also be a lot more slippery than acrylics, which can make for some dangerous trips over what should be safe and comfortable outside spaces. Polyurethanes and epoxies also don’t allow for moisture vapor to be easily released from the material. Outdoor masonry areas need to be able to breathe well so they don’t get damage from too much water. If air and water vapor can’t easily move from the outdoor material, a white haze or fogginess will appear on the sealed area.
Translucent or opaque tints can be added to most sealants, just ask your contractor.

Most reactive chemical sealants will last 10 years or more on heavily-used driveways because they actually penetrate the material to create a hardier surface. A urethane or epoxy sealer can also last about 10 years depending on the traffic and weather exposure. Acrylic resins tend to last the least amount of time, about 3 years.

An upscale driveway can set the tone for the home before you even walk in the front door

If brick walkways are more your style, a Boulder landscaping contractor can lay a foundation and then cover the driveway with bricks to match a brick sidewalk or front entry way for a smashing style. Or if the cost of a complete brick driveway seems a bit much, a qualified contractor can update a traditional driveway with a simple brick border.

A new driveway can craft a path to increased home value and overall enjoyment of the often overlooked amenity that often makes up most of your front yard. A contractor can help you prepare for the least amount of work for longtime driveway maintenance. Whether ripping out an old driveway or creating a new patio area to increase your outdoor enjoyment, sealing the outdoor floor space with the help of the professionals at Don King Landscaping will bring more years of enjoyment.

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