dsc_0489The Best 15 Plants for Landscaping
Most landscaping projects involve planting at one point or another, as they greatly increase the appearance of a yard. There’s also a virtually infinite amount of different atmospheres one can create in their yard, due to hundreds upon hundreds of different plant species. A Boulder landscaping contractor is very knowledgeable when it comes to different landscaping plants and lawn care.

1. Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree

Having deep purple leaves in its early stage, the 15-foot Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree gives off pink puffy flowerings around early summer. It thrives in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and full sun. As long as one waits til the last frost, it will thrive in zones five through eight.

2. Jules Verne Peony

This bushy plant with dark green, pointed leaves buds into fragrant double-pink flowers. Aside from rich, well-drained soil, its favorite lighting schedule is full sun during the day and light shade in the afternoon. It doesn’t get very tall, growing to no more than three feet in height. All zones three to eight are ideal.

3. Winter King Hawthorn

The Winter King Hawthorn tree grows to no more than 20 feet in height, blooming bright red fruit in the winter. This tree loves the full sun and does well in loose, rich soil. It also grows in a large variety of zones as well, ranging from zones five to 10.

4. Variegated Ribbon Grass

Being extremely invasive and fast growing, this light green and white-stripped grass will grow anywhere from zone four to nine, requiring some yard maintenance occasionally. However, it buds beautiful long white flowers in the summer, with its foliage turning pink in cold weather. It primarily prefers an equal amount of full sun and light shade. Keep in mind that this grass grows to about three feet.

5. Burgundy Carousel Japanese Barberry

The Barberry plant is considered to be mildly invasive, growing dark purple leaves at first then budding into yellow flowers. Around the fall, it begins to to bare red fruit and thorns. This four-foot plant loves full sun to light shade and prefers zones four to eight.

6. Elijah Blue Fescue

Resembling grass with very narrow, long bluish-green blades, this plant loves the full sun along with slightly moist soil. Its average maximum height is one foot, making it ideal for those who prefer planting smaller plants in their lawn. The Elijah Blue Fescue is exceptionally hardy in zones four to eight.

7. Thornless Common Honeylocust

Preferring the full sun and a wide range of drained soils, this plant will mature to a whopping 45 feet in height, growling tiny, yellow-green leaves. However, it blooms beautiful white flowers in the spring. Any zone from three to nine is ideal. Because it grows so large, along with being easy to grow, it makes an excellent privacy plant.

8. Grey Owl Juniper

One really cool aspect about this particular plant is that its leaves turn purple in winter. Overall, it’s a slow growing evergreen that grows grey-green foliage. It does well in both full shade and sun, growing to a height of around three to four feet, along with a slightly larger width. This small bush will do well in zones two to nine.

9. Rose Glow Japanese Barberry

Once the Rose Glow Japanese Barberry matures to a certain amount, it’s exceptionally drought resistant. Its leaves are an interesting mix of red, green and orange, blooming yellow flowers along with thorns. Plant in full sun to light shade and observe it reach five feet in height and width. It fairs best in zones four to eight.

10. Avalanche Feather Reed Grass

The plant’s growth structure itself is quite similar to the Elijah Blue Fescue, except it features slighter wider, lighter-green leaves that droop. Preferring well-drained soil and full sunlight, this grass grows to three feet. Plant in zones five to nine and prune back the shrub in late winter.

11. Bloody Cranesbill

The variety is well-known for its large, bright-pink summer flowers. Full sun, partial shade, frequent watering and well drained soil make this flower thrive, growing to 10 inches in height and 14 inches in width. It loves zones four to eight.

12. Firewitch Dianthus

Although quite small, growing to no more than six inches, the Firewitch Dianthus demonstrates its uniqueness with its vibrant purple flowers, resembling miniature carnations. The foliage itself is off-green and narrow. It loves the full sun, along with moist, well-drained soil. Zones four to eight are its home. The small size keeps yard maintenance at a minimum.

13. Endless Summer Hydrangea

The most noticeable aspect of this variety is its bright, almost hot pink, flowers. However, be sure to plant them where deer can’t reach them. It thrives in various soil types, as long as it’s moist. Zones four to nine prove to be the best environment for this plant. If taken care of right, the plant will grow to ten feet.

14. Bowles Golden Sedge

The Bowles Golden Sedge seems to offer better color in the partial shade, featuring narrow yellow and light green blades of grass with hints of red. It loves a variety of rich soils and tolerates dampness pretty well. Plant in zones five to eight.

15. Alyssum

The Alyssum is grows exceptionally fast and matures into dense clusters of tiny white flowers. It’ll do well in just about any rich soil as long as it’s watered moderately. Growing no more than a foot in height, it makes a real compact plant. All zones five to eight are ideal.


Choosing the right plants, accordingly to one’s taste of course, will go a long way in lawn care. However, it’s quite easy to run out of ideas, so contacting a Boulder landscaping contractor may revive creativity. Don King Landscaping has countless ideas when it comes to the subject.

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