DSCN3713Spring is finally here, though it may not feel like it just yet. As the snow melts away in the foothills, this is the time to wake up your lawn and start planning your seasonal program. There might be some new grass shoots already popping up. If so, consider giving a Boulder landscaping contractor a call to help set a plan in motion. Here are some things that can be done to ensure you have a healthy and green lawn.


Raking a lawn actually stimulates the grass and the soil to promote new growth. It provides for better ventilation, better moisture penetration, and more exposure to sunlight. It’s a good way to remove debris, such as branches, dead leaves, and grass clippings leftover from the fall. Raking is an easy method of aerating the soil. The debris that is raked up can be removed and disposed of properly by a qualified yard maintenance crew.

Remove Weeds and Crabgrass

Sometimes new spring growth really isn’t grass. It can often be weeds, crabgrass, and dandelions. When soil temperatures are still hovering below 50? F, this is a good time to pull up the unwanted growth. Don’t wait too late in the season to do this. It is also recommended that a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer be applied after the unwanted growth is pulled. This is best performed approximately 8 weeks prior to putting down any new grass seed.

Aerate Soil

If the soil is quite hard and compacted, it is a good idea to have the lawn aerated to give grass roots more room to take hold and grow. Aeration can also get rid of any snow mold that might be lingering on the lawn surface. Professional aeration is performed by using a tool with hollow tines to remove small plugs of soil in a uniform pattern.


An important aspect of yard maintenance is feeding the soil. However, this is best performed by a lawn care specialist. Fertilizers should be used judiciously. If a lawn requires nourishment, using a time released fertilizer that is low in nitrogen might be the best solution for this time of year. Grass can start out pretty hardy in the spring, provided it is benefitting from plenty of sun exposure and moisture. For this reason, some lawns may not require an early application of fertilizer. Let a Longmont landscape contractor help determine that by checking the condition and nutrient profile of the soil.

Grass Seed

After the crabgrass has thinned out, and the soil has been aerated fertilized, it may be time to add some fresh grass seed to the lawn. This is generally performed when soil temperatures have risen to above 55? F. Bare patches can be filled in with seed or cut and fit with fresh sod. An overall seed broadcast may also be beneficial. Protecting newly placed seed or sod by covering it with a natural material is important to prevent erosion or damage from rain and wind.

It is best not to reseed too early in the season, as the seed might not take hold quickly enough to germinate. Another issue is that hungry spring birds see the seed on the soil surface as free food. Allow a lawn care team to recommend the best time to reseed based on weather forecasts. They can also provide advice on the best type of grass seed for site specific soil conditions, rainfall amounts, average temperatures, and amount of shade vs. sun.


irrigationAs a spring lawn begins to fill in with healthy new shoots of green grass, it is time to start maintaining it by mowing. The first few cuttings should be spaced well apart. As well, the grass should not be cut too low in early spring. Lawn cutting equipment blades have to be adjusted seasonally to encourage constant growth.

Equipment Maintenance

Late winter into early spring is the best time of year to assess the condition of mowers, rakes, any other tools, and sprinkler systems. Lawn mowers require periodic maintenance, such as oil changing, blade sharpening and adjusting, and lubrication of machine parts. If you prefer to mow your own lawn, consider having a specialist take a look at your equipment and assess what can be done to improve and maintain it.

If watering is not restricted, have the sprinkler company or plumber flush, test, and turn on the system. Make sure the timer is set in accordance with local regulations. Have the sprinkler heads adjusted so that only lawns and gardens are being watered, away from the house and the driveway.

Have a Plan and a Schedule

Now is the time to put a yard maintenance plan and schedule into place. A Louisville and Lafayette landscaping contractor, such as Don King Landscaping, can assess your lawn and landscaping needs, and recommend a maintenance routine. Let a dependable Front Range professional save you time and unnecessary work by taking care of your seasonal landscaping needs.

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