20140818_124039-350x196Anyone who lives in Colorado knows how hot it gets during the summer, and all that heat can have extreme effects on residents’ lawns. There are many misconceptions about dry-weather lawn care, but a Boulder landscaping contractor can help homeowners learn the truth. The experts suggest the below tricks and tips to keep a healthy, stable lawn during the hottest days of summer.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

A common mistake among Boulder area homeowners and commercial landscapers alike is to cut the lawn too short. If grass is cut excessively low, it has a reduced ability to produce the energy required for growth. However, when it’s cut to the appropriate height, grass can develop stronger roots and enjoy more vigorous growth. A yard maintenance expert can recommend varieties of grass that suit Colorado’s hot, dry summer climate, and they can maintain that grass professionally and properly.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

When determining the right height to cut a lawn, it’s important for homeowners to remember the rule of thirds: Never reduce the grass height by more than one-third at a time. This strategy keeps the lawn cooler because less grass is removed, and a lawn expert can set mower blades higher to achieve this goal. For instance, if a lawn is typically cut to 2.5 inches, increasing the cut height to 3 inches during the summer can offer many benefits.

Limit Watering

One of the biggest misconceptions about hot-weather yard maintenance is the necessity of excess watering. In many cases, Coloradans continue to water their lawns after rainfall, but they should remember that turf grass does better when it’s managed in a dry manner. When the soil is constantly wet, it can create physiological issues for plants, as grass roots are deprived of oxygen and become more vulnerable to disease. A Boulder landscaping contractor can keep the soil and grass at the appropriate moisture level for the climate.

During a Severe Drought

At some times of the year, drought can become a real concern for homeowners, and it’s important to avoid cutting the grass when it’s stressed due to dry conditions. During a drought, a lawn under stress loses its ability to recover from cutting, which can cause further damage. A lawn care professional will recommend mowing the lawn after irrigation or rainfall.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

When a landscaper uses a sharpened mower blade, grass will heal faster and more completely than when cut with dull blades. A dull mower blade can tear plants’ tissues rather than cutting it; the torn tissues will turn brown on the surface, and they will be more likely to suffer disease and stress. If blades are kept sharp, it prevents physical and aesthetic harm to the grass.

Avoid Bagging Grass Clippings

Professional lawn care crews will use mulching mowers to return grass clippings to the customer’s lawn. Clippings provide benefits; as they decompose, they work as a timed-release fertilizer. However, it’s important to aim them away from water, storm drains and streets, to reduce the pollution that comes from the decomposition process.

Wait for Cultivation and Fertilizing

Landscape pros and homeowners alike will do what’s necessary to keep lawns healthy and growing properly. Although it may seem like a good idea to fertilize a lawn in order to maintain its vigor, it’s best to wait until summer’s hottest days have passed. During the heat of summer, cool-season grass consumes more energy than it can produce. Fertilizer stimulates growth, which requires more energy—further stressing Boulder residents’ lawns during periods of extreme heat.

The rules are the same for cultivation methods such as de-thatching and aeration. Residents should resist these aggressive yard maintenance practices during the summer; rather, they should wait for the spring or fall, when turf is more vigorous and likely to recover.

The Importance of Year-Long Health and Lawn Maintenance

Don King Landscaping uses a multi-faceted approach to maintaining a healthy Colorado lawn. The first step is to maintain the yard’s health year-round, as grass is more heat-tolerant if it’s in a state of continual good health. Seasonal care includes proper watering, fertilization, pest control and mowing, which can all produce a healthy lawn that stands up to the summer heat. Step two is to use a set of best practices during summer’s hottest periods; the landscapers simply follow the tips listed above. With preventive maintenance, any Boulder resident can have a healthy, drought-tolerant lawn.

As said earlier, there are many misconceptions about caring for a lawn in a hot, dry climate. However, the team at Don King Landscaping can help residents learn the realities of summer lawn maintenance. Visit the website to learn about the company’s full list of lawn services, or call today to speak to a knowledgeable, friendly customer service representative.

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