Make your garden look amazingWe all sit and daydream about that perfect garden that we wish we could escape to, a place to share with others, to impress neighbors, and sometimes a place that was just meant for us alone, to get away from it all.

The Don King Landscaping LLC in Colorado has been in business since 1973, servicing as a Boulder landscaping contractor and proud of their years of commit they have made to transform the residents of Boulder lawn into the most exquisite gardens.

They are dedicated to improving your yard with any you want in a variety of ways to turn your plan lawn into an outdoor paradise while also providing many services that will help maintain your landscaping needs, saving you time and the hassle to keep it looking stunning all year round.

Build Your Own Paradise

Let Don King Landscaping build you, your own personal garden, the way you want it.
In order to perfect the needs of their clients, Don King Landing has a CAD-based software that specializes in creating 3D models of their costumer’s very own customized garden to show them how it will look once it is completed. They will help you in designing your landscape the way you want it, then they will give you a detailed 3-D layout for your viewing, and when you are happy with the results the plan for the installation will be put into action. They have four decades of knowledge and experience in plants and soils, especially those that are in demand in Colorado, at your disposal.


Don King will make your dark nights safer, more secure while adding value, and elegance to your property by professionally installing an energy-efficient, low-voltage light system that will provide you peace of mind in the evenings.

Whether you want your entire landscape covered in lights or just wanting to make the walking path more visible and safe at night, Don King Landscaping is committed to making every project enhance the look of your home, day or night, and will transform your garden into an enchanted magical retreat.

A Garden You Can Taste

There is nothing like the taste of freshly grown vegetables plucked right from your own home. It just does not compare to the product you get from a supermarket.
Some homeowners that are new to gardening might be uncertain on the best way they can make their vegetables thrive or concerned about the amount of work that needs to dedicate to such a task.
This is where a landscaping company can help you put in a garden.

Gardens require certain types of soil to grow, as the dirt usually found in a typical front yard is not ideal for nurturing your vegetables or fruit, as it could contain too much acid, or be too alkaline, or even lack the essential nutrient like sulfur or nitrates.
You can find out what types of soil suit your needs with the assistance of a landscaper.
They can also help in picking the right places to grow your plants, where they will thrive, receive the right amount of sun, and plant the right type of vegetables for the climate.

Why Not Add Some Spice?

Are you thinking about adding herbs to your garden?
the dry stale seasonings you buy from the store is nothing in comparison to the fresh herbs grown from the earth. Each herb provides benefits and packed with its own flavor that will make every dish delicious and would make a great addition to any vegetable garden. But some people don’t have the time necessary to plan, plant, and maintain a herb garden. That is why it is convenient to have a Boulder landscaping contractor handle all your lawn care needs.


This is a certain style of landscaping which requires little to no irrigation which is perfect for water use restricted areas such as Colorado and the Boulder Valley. It is a must to acquire a professional landscaper with years of knowledge and expertise to ensure your garden thrive by selecting proper plants to go into your yard.
Don King has upheld a one-year warranty on all plant purchases for four decades so you can enjoy those splashes of vibrant colors in your lawn without worrying about their longevity.

Looking For Something Sweet?

If you are planning on making a honey bee farm then you want to take extra care of your garden to make sure that the bees get everything they need to make delicious golden honey and feel welcomed in their new home. It is important that the yard is free of all chemicals as they are very harmful to bees, and that you keep a good supply of long-blooming flowers flourishing in your garden.

Bee’s honey taste different depending on the types of plants you grow near their hive, so it safe to say that it takes careful planning as you want the right taste and also want to keep your bees busy making that sweet honey.
A professional landscaper can help you find the best flowers you need to attract your bee friends and can do all lawn care and yard maintenance to keep flowers blooming so the honey bees will keep coming. A landscaper can also mow your lawn, trim your hedges, and keep your yard looking like bees haven while saving you time to relax.

Get Ready For The Fall

A Boulder landscaping contractor will handle your fall maintenance work so you don’t have to.
When the fall has arrived, there is some work that will need to be done to ensure that your property is protected and ready for the winter seasons.
A lawn care company can efficiently handle all of your necessary fall duties such as prepare any garden or plant bed for winter, pruning your trees or shrubs, feeding your lawn, and even clean your gutters.

There are many other services that a landscaper can offer to make your dream garden come true, provide you with yard maintenance and give you an extra hand to keep your home looking perfect.

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