Familiarizing The Family With Stamped Concrete

Homeowners are always on the lookout for the next, best feature to add into their property. Trends ebb and flow, from adding granite countertops in the kitchen to outfitting the light fixtures with LED bulbs. Stamped concrete is another trend that’s quickly becoming a staple in household renovations. Basic concrete stamped with a pattern of the homeowner’s choice creates a unique look at any property. From cement that looks like tile to wood sections, stamped designs offer countless styles at affordable prices.

A Different Kind of Concrete

Stamped ConcreteTake a look at any simple, cement-mixture pour. This quick glance tells people that the concrete mixture originally had a lot of large and small pieces. The final product has veritable polka-dots across the surface.

When homeowners work with a Boulder concrete contractor for a stamped design, the mixture is entirely different. Consider these differences from a standard pour, including:

  • Cement particles filtered for size
  • Less viscous mixture

A Louisville landscape contractor wants the mixture to have a strong yet flexible consistency so that a stamp can make its mark without any visual issues. Mixing and prepping the cement combination is the most labor-intensive part.

Countless Textures

When homeowners consider a stamped design, there are many textures to explore. Make a cement-based patio or walkway look like these materials, such as:

  • Flagstone
  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Brick

The material’s appearance is just the start of the texture exploration. Design waves, uplifting sections and valleys into the stamped installation. A talented, Boulder concrete contractor, such as Don King’s Landscaping, can use their artistic skills to complete a project. Squares, octagons and so many more shapes are possible with the help of stamp technology. Limited choices are now a thing of the past with stamping as a viable choice during a future renovation.

Stamped Concrete

Choosing the Location

Cement-mixture creations were long associated with industrial applications and a cold appearance. Homeowners today, however, know that this material is a pathway toward a unique, outdoor aesthetic. Stamped designs work in several areas around the home, including:

  • Patios
  • Side walkways
  • Gazebo bases
  • Side-gate stairs
  • Pool decks

The poured and stamped mixture doesn’t have to be shaped into a basic square or rectangle either. Forms with contoured edges can be quickly installed for a distinct design. Create a patio curve around a garden or highlight a fire pit just outside of the patio’s main lounging space. The design choices are endless so lean on the professionals for expert guidance.

Pouring and Stamping Ease

Professionals pour and stamp the mixture during one appointment so that the design sets in without any smears or unsightly mistakes. The basic steps include:

  • Pouring the mixture into set forms
  • Leveling or screeding the surface for a uniform base
  • Stamping the surface in calculated patterns so that the design stands out

Once the mixture hardens, the stamping is permanently part of the exterior elements. In fact, loved ones may not realize that the installation is stamped at all. Because the surface mimics stones, tiles and more, the exterior can look more elegant and intricate than ever before.

Stamped Concrete

The Color Process

The professionals have a choice between add-in mixtures, topical additions or chemical staining when it comes to color choices. Homeowners aren’t required to keep the standard, gray hue. Explore some of these colors, such as:

  • Beige
  • Venetian pink
  • Walnut
  • Slate gray

The experts decide on the proper coloring process before they mix the cement with water. Some professionals prefer one staining process over another, but the final outcome is always the same. The surface looks like an entirely different material than the standard pour that occurred a few hours ago.

Bold or Subtle Stamping

Homeowners can make a statement with their chosen, stamping method. A relaxing patio might have a tan hue with a few swirls built into the color. In stark contrast, homeowners might opt for a bold statement. Adding a family crest, pointed star or other decoration to the stamping design are all bold moves that define a family’s name or interests.

Think about any patterns before deciding on them, however. The color and patterns must match the home’s exterior decor. Resale value is also a concern. Choose a pattern that thrills visitors if a sale is pending on the home.

Cleaning and Sealing

Stamping won’t stand up to the test of time without thorough cleaning and sealing on a regular basis. The initial installation comes with a sealing process that lasts about two to three years. Pay attention to local weather patterns as the months roll by. If the area is hit by a lot of rain and severe weather, consider a more frequent sealing schedule. The sealant creates a film that protects the stamp design from any erosion.

Stamped Concrete

DIY Choices

Homeowners pouring their own cement mixtures for basic projects around a property are commonplace. They may want to try their hand at stamping it after the pour. Although this scenario is a possibility, it’s best to leave this project to the experts. Cement mixtures must be filtered and combined in the proper ratios for a successful pour. The stamping process requires some finesse, especially when it comes to a uniform design across the entire pour. Save the weekend-warrior effort for other projects around the home so that the pour can be as pristine as possible.

Don King’s Difference

Don King’s Landscaping is a company that’s been in business since 1973. This Louisville landscape contractor diversifies the work into the stamping arts. There are dozens of satisfied customers in and around Erie, Colorado, who have stamped designs all around their home. Dedication to the customer is a top priority with Don King. From brainstorming design ideas to sealing the final product, stamped concrete becomes a focal point in any home as the property value soars.

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