Firewood’s Heat Continues to Warm Families Across the Nation

Fall and winter’s chill have almost arrived to the Colorado area. Many residents look forward to cozy nights at home with a blazing fire in the fireplace. However, many homes have gas-powered fireplaces that don’t offer the same look and feel of wood-burning types. With ample firewood found all over Colorado, residents should seriously consider this fuel for their fireplaces or stoves. There are countless advantages of heating with wood in the 21st century.

Creates a Warm Ambience

Walk into any Colorado home during the winter. Listen for the heating source, which is often a gas-fired furnace. This heating choice is practical for many families, but it doesn’t offer the same ambience as a wood burning stove. The crackles, pops and flames created with the burning wood automatically relaxes people as they enter the home. The fire becomes a focal point for residents as they gather around the heat. Conversations flow and comfort abounds as a cold night settles in on the exterior.

Reduces Heating Impacts on Environment

Using gas or electricity for your heating needs only creates demand for fossil fuels. These substances contribute to environmental issues across the globe. As any Superior landscaping contractor will tell their clients, burning wood is better for the environment. There’s no need to pull more fossil fuels from the ground because the wood is in ample supply nearby. This extra wood doesn’t end up in a landfill either. By reducing waste and fossil-fuel use, heating with wood just makes practical sense.

Offers Renewable Energy in Some Regions

When residents consider renewable energy, they might think of wind or solar resources. Wood is a renewable resource when it’s in high volumes nearby. Don King Landscaping cuts, prunes and hauls away wood from countless areas. Residents with an empty fireplace will now benefit from fresh wood delivered right to the front door. If concerns over wood supplies were stopping residents from adding a wood burning stove, it’s time to rethink that issue. Don King’s workers bring wood to a set address, which allows the residents to simply enjoy the warmth as the firebox heats up.

Efficient Fuel Use With Wood-Burning Stoves

Another major advantage to wood heating is the efficiency. If residents have a clean-burning stove that’s relatively new, it can have an efficiency of about 70 percent. Heating systems are notorious for lost warmth into household cracks and crevices. By using wood and a newer stove, most of the warmth remains in the living space. Maintain even better efficiency by adding the stove to a kitchen or living room. The centralized area allows the warmth to fill the entire home instead of isolating it to one wing.

Relies on Spark Not Electrical Supplies

Colorado residents understand that power outages are a fact of life during the winter. Relying on electricity to warm the home at these times poses a dilemma. The home simply remains cold without electricity flowing to the main panel. Wood-burning appliances solve that issue. Warm up the home with just a spark to the wood in these cases. The residents have comfort as they deal with regaining the electricity throughout the rest of the home. No heat during a winter storm can spell disaster for some families who’re sensitive to the low temperatures.


Saves Money For Most Families

Money savings isn’t usually associated with burning wood because hauling or delivering it to a home can be expensive in certain areas. BecauseDon King Landscaping processes and delivers wood around the Colorado area, there’s no major price hike on the materials. By most accounts, the wood fuel is less expensive than running an electric or gas appliance. Residents can always ask for a price quote from Don King Landscaping to compare with other vendors. The landscaping professionals will win out every time, however.

Spreads the Heat Out With Ceiling Fans

Residents with gas or electric heat understand that cold pockets almost always exist within the household. There aren’t enough vents to spread the warmth around. Burning wood offers a different way of heating the home. As the warmth spreads out from the flames, turn on a ceiling fan. The heat rising to the ceiling becomes caught in the fan blades, which forces it down to the people resting below. As a result, cold air mixes with the warmth for a more uniform temperature across every room.

Encourages Household Maintenance

Flipping a switch to activate an appliance makes it easy to forget about critical maintenance. Real flames dancing in a stove, however, prompt residents to pay close attention to maintenance needs. Cleaning the ash and creosote out from the stove and chimney should be regular tasks. Verifying that the flue works along with other parts are critical checkpoints as well. Because the wood-burning appliance receives a lot of maintenance, it offers a safer heating alternative compared to modern technologies.

Adds Value to the Property

Adding a clean-burning stove to a Colorado property gives it a feature that’s reflective of the surrounding environment. It tells homeowners and potential buyers that cozy nights are part of life in these regions. When residents put the home up for sale, they may want to wait until it’s a bit chilly outside. Opening up the house to visitors with wood burning in the stove gives the illusion that the home is already an inviting area. Multiple bids might be the result of just a few logs smoldering in a corner.

Colorado families may not equate a Superior landscaping contractor with wood sales, but it’s a natural match in these parts. Contacting Don King Landscaping for firewood needs is a clever way to take care of a property. With landscaping in the warmer months and wood delivered in the cooler seasons, local families will always have the necessary supplies to stay comfortable year-round.

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