Excite the Neighbors with Christmas Lighting Techniques That Show Off the Season’s Spirit

Christmas lightsThe holiday season arrives with the start of Thanksgiving and all of the trimmings. It’s time to think about that holiday lighting strategy. From large to small houses, a family’s property can reflect the season with lights added in clever ways. Get into the spirit by using these tips and tricks from the experts.

Outline the Structure

A simple way to welcome the holidays is by lining the rooftop with lights. Choose from either large bulbs or tiny LEDs. Both technologies offer several advantages. The larger bulbs have a glow that’s reminiscent of seasons’ past. They’re also easily damaged, however.

Turn to LEDs or light-emitting diodes as alternatives. They aren’t as big as the standard bulbs, but they have an intense light output. LEDs save on energy bills while remaining durable against the elements.

Be sure to line every part of the rooftop’s edge that’s visible. Go even further by outlining the window frames with lights. Partner with a Longmont landscape contractor if you’re not comfortable with a rooftop workplace.

Fantasy Porch

A family’s guests often spend time on the porch as they wait for the door or take in some fresh air. Give those guests a thrill with icicles as holiday lighting. LED icicles dangling from every inch of the porch’s overhang creates a blissful sight. Continue with the decorating by using pre-lit wreaths on the front door. Evergreen lengths might be attractive borders for the front door as well.

Consider other details with Christmas lights, including a few bulbs attached to a rocking chair. It’s these details that make visitors smile with delight.

Line the Walkway

Hanging Christmas lightsThe holidays need these lights because the sun typically sets before 5 p.m. With this fact in mind, use decorative lights for safety purposes. However, they’ll only look like attractive additions to the outdoor facade. Add rope lighting on both sides of a walkway. These lengths can be connected together, which allows the family to line the entire walkway from the street to the front door.

Residents might also try lanterns or luminary bags. Place the fixtures equal distances from one another so that the light is uniformly distributed across the ground. From the perspective of an Erie landscape contractor, these lights provide safe passageway to the front door while maintaining a cheery atmosphere.

Fake the Trees

Some families long for the look of petite, Christmas trees dotting the front yard. They can have lights on them that create a superb appearance on cold, winter nights. Avoid the expense of buying either artificial or real trees. Mimic trees by adding tomato cages to the landscape. They have a tree-like shape when families install them upside down with the “feet” bound by wires. Drape lights on the cages, and families have instant trees that don’t shed or require any other care.

Project the Light

One of the newest trends in holiday decorating is light projection. Install hardware on the front lawn that projects images onto the home’s exterior surfaces. From floating Santas to sparkling candy canes, these images capture the magic of the season. Project images onto the entire home or across a certain area as a focal point. Families may need to test out the equipment after the sun sets. The images are difficult to set up during the daytime. Surround the projected images with traditional decorations that only enhance the entire setup.

Presents in the Yard

Grab some chicken wire, fabric, ribbon and scissors. This decorating idea is both beautiful and fun to create. Cut and shape the chicken wire into a box. Create several boxes with varying dimensions. Cover each one with decorative fabric that mimics wrapping paper. Complete the project with ribbons tied into bows around the boxes.

These boxes become your presents. Locate them on the front lawn, such as under an evergreen tree. There won’t be anything in the presents, but they give the impression of a surprise.

Treat Posts With a Creative Approach

Posts might hold up a home’s porch, which creates depth to the architecture. Don’t overlook the decorating opportunities on these posts. Wrap them in evergreen lengths that have pre-lit bulb strands. Add a wreath to each post when families want a more elaborate appearance.

Some families try alternative approaches to their decorating. Cover the posts in wrapping paper with bows dotting the exterior surfaces. From afar, the home looks like a present to every visitor on the walkway.

Try Color Schemes

Adding lights to the home is the most basic way to celebrate the holidays. Be purposeful with the color scheme, however. Try red-and-green lights exclusively. Be bold with candy-cane colors in only white and red. Other color schemes are possible. Simply keep the holiday spirit in mind as the family adds new details to the exterior. Adding too many colors creates an overwhelming appearance that doesn’t have the impact of just two or three hues.

Get Professional Help

If any decorating ideas seem too complicated, consider the help of a Longmont landscape contractor. Don King Landscaping can put up lights and design a holiday theme that shows off a property. Allow the professionals to climb up to the rooftop and hang those icicles.

Each service call is a chance to improve the home’s appearance. The experts might have suggestions for the landscape that families overlooked in the past. Take advantage of this decorating service so that the home always looks spectacular to visitors.

A family’s Christmas lights can be as elaborate or simple as they please. Consider the effort involved along with the energy bill. With the help of an Erie landscape contractor, the home is decked out with some of the brightest and prettiest colors of the season.

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