Improve Your Property’s Value by Focusing on Drainage Issues

landscape drainageAfter a rainstorm, puddles forming in the backyard might be commonplace. Property owners of both residential and commercial areas may overlook these issues. This mistake can prove costly because drainage should always be efficient across any front or backyards. Consider a few tips from Longmont landscape contractor professionals so that puddles and icy developments aren’t part of a property’s features.

Understand the Property’s Slope

Ideal properties have ground slopes that are subtle yet effective. Every land area around a structure should slope away from it. This basic drainage rule forces all water to the surrounding drains and sewers. Residents who see water puddling around foundations will have icy problems come winter. In fact, that ice contracts and expands near the foundation. This scenario can lead to cracked foundations and interior damage.

Speak to a Longmont landscape contractor if sloping issues seem to appear out of nowhere. They can use their specialized tools to determine the exact cause. Soil changes, structural elements and plant roots might be negatively impacting the land.

Evaluating Soil Conditions

The type of soil that a property has is also a consideration with puddles and icy formations. Many areas have clay soil that is highly absorbent. It retains this water for a long time, which means that subsequent rains cannot move through the soil. Puddles emerge that seem to last for ages.

Amending the soil with materials that encourage draining will improve the clay conditions. Water should move efficiently through and away from the structure for the best drain design.

Cut-and-Fill Open Spaces

Solve puddle-and-ice problems with a simple project. Cutting and filling involves the strategic removal of soil from uplifted areas to low-lying spaces. This project works well in gardens or across lawns. Carefully remove any plants that might be damaged during the soil-removal process. Remove the soil, add it to the low-lying area and pat it down. By using the land’s own soil, it still has a uniform appearance. Replant all of the removed plants so that the area now has a sloped contour away from any structures.

Install Drainpipes

Before winter’s chill sets in, think about drainpipes for the ground. Basic, PVC pipes might drain a trouble spot that’s high up on a property. Trenches and laying pipe are necessary in these cases. There’s an alternative with French drains too.

French drains are buried pipes with a single difference: they’re perforated along their lengths. They’re designed to seep water across a yard so that moisture is quickly dispersed to needy plants. Puddles and icy spots cannot form because the moisture always has somewhere to go.

Alter the Structure’s Gutter System

Don’t forget that the structure’s gutter system contributes to either poor or exemplary draining processes. Property owners should verify if the gutters along the rooftop are in good, working order. Downspouts that funnel water to the ground may be problematic, however. Add extensions to the downspouts, and residents will see water gushing toward the street instead of the home. These inexpensive extenders can save a household a lot of time and money when it comes to accumulated ice or rainwater.

Try a Rain Garden

It’s a reality that some properties simply have low and high spots. There may be no getting around the low-lying sections. Water will just pool there. Turn this reality into a property benefit by adding a rain garden. Ask a landscaper to create a rock pond where water can accumulate. Add in water-loving plants so that the area is literally a garden on a random section of the property. This landscaping idea isolates the water into a garden while eliminating trouble spots across the front or backyards.

Explore Hardscape Designs

If property owners are frustrated with alterations to the landscape that aren’t quite working, hardscapes can be the answer. This term simply refers to concrete additions that might be in the form of patios, walkways and other shapes. With a reputable contractor, hardscapes can be designed to stop water from accumulating in puddles. The concrete funnels water away through drain vents and carved-out channels.

Designing hardscapes does take some experience in the landscaping arts. Interview top, service providers in the industry before a major project begins.

Inspect Plant and Landscaping Against Foundations

If water and ice develops near the foundation’s base, the entire structure is negatively impacted. Take a close look at the plants and soil found near the foundation’s edge. Plants that have heaved the soil can be the cause of puddling problems. Move or trim certain plants to create that sloped contour that preserves the foundation.

Remove any decorations, such as rocks, that might contribute to trapped-water conditions. This inspection process takes some extra time. It’s worth it, however, when winter’s chill sets in and the structure is fully protected from the weathering elements.

Don King’s Difference

Every property owner is different. Many people enjoy DIY work when it comes to landscape drainage. However, these projects can take time and require some manual labor. As an alternative, owners might hire an Erie landscape contractor, such as Don King’s Landscaping. These professionals have many years of experience behind their company so that owners can trust in the work being performed at the property.

Drain vents, channels and other solutions might be suggested during an initial evaluation. Don King takes the budget, problem and personal desires into account when designing several solutions. Owners are left with a property that runs like a brand-new machine.

Once a property’s landscape drainage has been resolved, owners shouldn’t remain complacent. Evaluate the property throughout the winter. Be aware of any areas that appear questionable as water drains away from the structure. Catching any problems early on makes the solution easier and less costly for everyone involved. An Erie landscape contractor can become an owner’s best resource for minor repairs and improved property value.

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