Draw the Eye While Providing Safe Passageways With Clever Nightscaping

NightscapingAs visitors walk up to certain homes or businesses, they’re struck with the beauty of the outdoor lighting. It’s true that only a few properties have these majestic designs, but they’re certainly memorable. When a family or business owner is ready to improve the outdoor areas, turning to nightscaping is a smart way boost beauty and excitement about a property. Get to know the basics about this outdoor art.

Understand The Lighting Goals

Every yard has distinct contours, plants and sunlight angles. Before installing any lights, residents must consider the goals that they have with the property. They might want to highlight a flower garden or tree, for instance. These goals dictate how the landscaping should be lit from the beginning.

A Superior landscaping contractor can install lights that spotlight certain features while drawing the eye away from neglected corners. Lighting goals also include security concerns. Without lights in particular areas, thieves might be tempted to venture onto a property with ill intent.

Define the Pathways

Add solar lights along a winding pathway between the sidewalk and front door. These inexpensive lights come in a variety of styles that only require the sun for power. Space them out by about three or four feet on either side of the pathway. Ideally, they should alternate on the left and right sides so that there’s always light across the walkway.

Solar lights are easily installed without any wiring involved. If the residents are new to home-improvement projects, these lights are great tools to learn from.

Hang the Chandeliers

Use old vases that never seem to be filled with flowers. Households often have cabinets of these items tucked away somewhere. Drill a hole in the base; insert a rod and socket, and twist on a light bulb. Hang this vase upside down on the patio or underneath an outdoor umbrella.

An alternative chandelier incorporates mini lights and a hula hoop. Wrap the lights around the hoop. Hang it horizontally so that the lights hang down. This chandelier is festive any time of year. Consider it for summer and winter when light is most needed outdoors.

Create Tin-Can Accents

Lighting around tables and chairs in the outdoors is often hard to come by. A Superior landscaping contractor might suggest some rustic accents. Gather tin cans in various sizes. Fill them with water and freeze them. Pull out your handy hammer and nail. Create a design by punching several holes into the outside of the can. The ice eventually melts so that you can add a candle to the inside of the container. It flickers with light as visitors enjoy the outdoor spaces.

Unwind the Holiday Lights

There are more uses for holiday lights than just stringing them up at year end. Try adding mini lights to the landscape. Trees with narrow trunks are perfect examples. Wrap the lights around the trunks so that they’re accented at night. For a challenge, wrap every main trunk with lights so that the landscape is fully lit.

Use lights that have one color, such as white, so that the yard’s appearance is neutral year-round. Swap out the light strings when various events arrive, such as Valentine’s Day. The yard reflects the time of year while appearing neat and tidy.

Use Those Wine Bottles

Many people are fans of wine as they try different flavors every night. Those bottles typically end up in the trash bin afterward, however. Save some of those bottles for a lighting trick that’s perfect for dark nights. Use a glass-cutting tool to chop off the base of each empty bottle. Ideally, the cut edge should be slightly irregular. Jagged edges make the lighting appear unique.

Light votive candles and place the bottles over them. Make sure that the corks aren’t in the bottle. The lighting effect is a candle that throws distinct colors against the walls, depending on the bottle’s hue.

Impress With Orbs

Old, glass shades might be in the attic. They look like delicate balls from a casual glance. However, they can turn into a light spectacular. Wad up a string of mini lights, and carefully press it into the orb’s opening. Plug in the lights. The effect is a glowing orb.

Add these orbs around the garden so that they turn on at night. No one will ever know that it’s just mini lights making a major impact.

A Word About Permanent Installations

Installing outdoor lights with attached wiring can be a challenge. Residents should look over the installation instructions before attempting such a project. Choose low-voltage systems that only draw 12 volts. The lights provide enough illumination for visitors, but they don’t cost a lot to run every night.

Contact professional installers if the permanent installation involves floodlights and other high-current components. Every item must be properly grounded and secured into the main electrical panel. Without these electrical precautions, the system may not work as designed.

Planning Out With Professional Flair

Residents are certainly capable of planning out a lighting strategy of their own, but hiring a Louisville landscaping contractor is a better solution. Don King Landscaping is a team of professionals who can evaluate a property and suggest certain changes. They can work with a standing budget so that every part, material and labor amount is reasonably charged.

The professionals might have a different vision of the property than the residents. Take their suggestions to heart by comparing them to those dream ideas. A mixture of alterations and installed lighting may be all that’s necessary for a dramatic, outdoor-remodeling project.

Jot down those nightscaping ideas before contacting a Louisville landscaping contractor. These ideas will often develop as property owners go over the details associated with each addition. A memorable and safe, outdoor environment is possible with the help of local contractors who can guide the way during an installation.

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