Strong Efforts Contribute to Long-Lasting Driveways and Patios

Stamped ConcreteNearly every homeowner wants to extend the life of his or her property materials. From painting the home’s exterior to patching the roof, updating any section gives it a new life. This same concept applies to driveways and patios. Cement-based installations may seem impossible to clean or maintain, but there are industry strategies. Explore the options available today that will keep any property updated and beautiful when it comes to cement-based features.

The Allure of Cement

In simple terms, Front Range driveways and patios can last for several decades with a cement-based installation. Concrete is actually a simple substance with a complex science. It’s a mixture of cement, aggregate and water. As these ingredients combine, they form a matrix that supports people, vehicles and entire structures.

A cement-based driveway isn’t without its vulnerabilities, however. This material remains porous during its entire life. It will soak up liquids and residual dirt. Over time, the surface becomes dotted with life’s spills. Maintaining the installation is critical as a homeowner.

The Cleaning Basics for Concrete

Homeowners are welcome to try a DIY cleaning as if they were a Louisville concrete contractor. Rent a pressure washer. Apply a concrete-approved detergent to the driveway or patio by using a handheld brush. Homeowners might attach this tool to a long handle for scrubbing ease. Avoid any metal bristles, however, adding metal to the surface will only result in rusty conditions.

With a side-to-side motion, carefully spray the surface with the pressure washer. Homeowners may need to repeat this process several times to see stubborn stains fading away.

Avoiding Unnecessary Acids

As homeowners read about concrete care, they often find cleaning solutions that involve acids. A particularly strong substance, called muriatic acid, might be used for hard-set stains. Ideally, stay away from any acidic applications. Hire a Boulder concrete contractor for these services.

These acids are incredibly harmful if they’re used inappropriately. Damaging driveways and patios is possible. Leave any acidic work to the professionals. For the most part, a good scrubbing with a detergent on a regular basis should be enough maintenance as a DIYer.

Patching Those Cracks in Your Concrete

Homeowners may notice frustrating cracks in their patio or driveway over time. This situation occurs regardless of a person’s attentiveness to the surface’s care. Cracks simply happen.

Patching the cracks can be a DIY project, or homeowners may want to contact a Louisville concrete contractor. Simply clean out the crack with a wire brush. Any debris must be pulled from the area before the compound can fill it.

Spread an adhesive bonding agent into the cleaned crack. Carefully trowel an appropriate compound into the crack. Smooth out the surface so that it’s flush with the surrounding material. The crack is now an eyesore of the past.

Getting Creative with your Concrete Driveway or Patio

It’s a fact that hardscapes aren’t exactly exciting when they’re poured into a standard form. Give the yard an updated appearance with a few finishes on these surfaces. If the homeowners are new to decorated hardscapes, start with a simple color. Painting the surfaces can change the entire appearance of driveways and patios. Choose between subtle or bold colors, depending on the homeowners’ personal tastes.

Don’t overlook the beauty offered by stenciling, staining or stamping the surfaces either. Contractors can always sketch out how the surface will look so that no surprises are part of the project.

Sealing the Area

Homeowners can truly preserve their hardscapes or concrete by applying a sealant on a regular basis. These protective layers take the brunt of the weathering damage over the seasons, which leaves the surface looking fresh and new. The surface retains its beauty because the sealant wears down instead of the design.

Ideally, sealants should be applied in thin layers. Consider two layers for patios. Homeowners may want extra protection for the driveways. Spray or roll the sealant on. Allow it to dry. A fully cured hardscape is difficult to damage even under the worst conditions, such as rain or hail.

Preventing Further Damages

The sealant can only protect the hardscape to a certain degree. Homeowners must pay careful attention to their use of the cement-based surface too. Keep any oversized vehicles, such as RVs, off of driveways. Perform any home-maintenance preparation, including paint mixing or moving pallets of garden supplies, in another area entirely. Stressing the surface with too much weight or possible impacts can damage it. The sealant is designed to protect the surface from everyday wear and not unusual situations.

Considering an Annual Habit

As spring approaches, carve out some time to evaluate and repair the driveways and patios every year. Although the damage may be minimal, allowing cracks and fissures to fester will only cause more problems in time. Contact professional help if the residents aren’t comfortable with a particular repair. There may be another issue at play.

Contacting the Professionals Concrete Contractors

Concrete ContractorsFor some homeowners, dealing with any hardscape care is difficult. Turn to Don King Landscaping for any cleaning, sealing or maintenance needs. These professionals are proud to keep up homeowners’ current hardscapes. As an alternative, residents might opt for an update to an otherwise benign appearance in the yard.

This Boulder concrete contractor can paint, stain or stencil in a design on almost any cement-based surface. The homeowners receive an accurate quote beforehand, and the work is completed not too long afterward. Trusting in a local contractor can make any cement-based surface come alive with personality.

If homeowners ever try to sell their Front Range property, a neat and tidy appearance is critical. Wash down any cement-based area in the outdoors so that it beckons visitors to venture into the property. Enjoying the home and benefiting from its value is every homeowner’s dream. Consistent maintenance makes the home shine above all of the others.

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