Professional MasonryServing the Erie, Colorado, area, Don King Landscaping has been a trusted source for business and residential people who would like quality landscaping and masonry services. For the past forty plus years, we have specialized in custom stone and brickwork. Here is a review of our excellent offerings.

Professional Masonry Services

Fire Pit

For those who would like a cozy outdoor area to roast marshmallows, enjoy a romantic evening, or pop popcorn, consider calling a Broomfield mason to add a simple fire pit as a wonderful entertainment area.
A custom-made fire pit by an Erie Mason can be designed to match the style of outdoor furnishings and plants. While circular is the standard shape of fire pits, some homeowners opt for ones that are square or rectangular.

Garden Wall

A garden wall can be built to provide privacy and intimacy, enhance the flow of a landscape, and outline an outdoor entertainment area. The Don King professionals can install a garden wall with careful site and foundation preparation and many different types of stones. The final structure should blend nicely with the home, garden, and other hardscape. A well-made garden wall should withstand severe freeze-thaw cycles.

Garden Border

A brick or stone garden border can drastically enhance the appearance of the garden bed while ensuring that the mulch and soil stays inside. Bricks can be installed in a variety of patterns including diagonally, side by side, and end to end. Stone can also be used to create a lovely garden border depending on their unique placement. In addition to their look and function, brick and stone borders are also long-lasting.

Outdoor Room

Trust an expert Broomfield mason to spruce up the backyard with a new outdoor kitchen. Perfect for homeowners on a small budget, this outdoor room has to be made of durable materials that can withstand different weather conditions like high temperatures. When brick masonry is used, homeowners can customize their kitchen layout with as many appliances and accessories as they desire.

Stone and Brick Patio

A patio can be an attractive and practical addition to the home. If installed properly, stone and brick patios can be extremely long-lasting as they can resist cracking and splitting. As an experienced Erie Mason, Don King can definitely construct an attractive patio to complement almost any landscape.

Stone Steps

Functional yet beautiful, stone steps can be installed to connect outdoor spaces or entry ways into the home. From rugged and uneven stone to flat and polished ones, the chosen stone should complement surrounding landscape and adhere to personal tastes. When Don King is hired as a Landscaping contractor, the professionals always make sure that they install stone steps right the first time.


There are few things that instantly capture the attention from guests and businessmen than a brick water fountain. These notable structures can provide a stately entrance to the home or business as well as a tranquil centerpiece in the backyard. When a fountain is properly installed by Don King, most people won’t be able to resist heading outside for some much needed peace and relaxation.

A Few Simple DIY Projects

Although ambitious residents and businesses could tackle the brickwork projects above, they may have better luck if they hire a qualified Landscaping contractor like Don King. Below are some simple DIY projects that most people can handle.

Insect Homes

Not only will an insect home add decor to a landscape, it will also serve as a safe abode for many types of critters.

Step 1: Clear out a small area where litter critters can enjoy their home.

Step 2: Place between 8 and 10 bricks on top of each other in a Jenga-like fashion.

Step 3: Insert various types of twigs and leaves into the open horizontal spaces in between the bricks.

Brick Planters

Accent a group of scrubs, plants, or small trees with by creating a brick planter.

Step 1: Level The Ground

Before creating the brick planter, make sure the ground is completely flat. A shovel can be used to dig out the area between 6 and 7 inches below the soil while a level can ensure that the ground is even. One way to ensure that the ground stays even is to use sand as a foundational surface.

Step 2: Mix The Mortar

By using water and a bucket, the mortar should be mixed according to the instructions on the back of the bag. The best mortar mix will have a firm consistency.

Step 3: Lay Down The Bricks

Start by laying the first brick on the sand. Apply about 1/4 inch thick of mortar onto the end of the second brick and then place it firmly next to the first one. Continue this process until the first, second, and third course of bricks have been laid.

Step 4: Smooth The Mortar

When all of the bricks have been placed, use a damp sponge or end of the trowel to wipe away excess mortar.

Step 5: Waterproof The Plantar Box

Before placing soil in the planter box, the bricks need to be waterproof. Apply a bitumen-based paint to the bricks after the mortar has completely dried.

Step 6: Place Soil Inside Brick Wall

Fill the plantar box with a few big bags of soil.

Step 7: Plant Flowers

Complete the project by planting beautiful flowers, scrubs, and/or small trees in the plantar box.

Brick Tea Lights

These rustic-looking candle holders are a great decoration on a table or in the backyard.

Step 1: Scrub a couple of bricks with a scouring pad and warm, soapy water to remove any dirt or grime.

Step 2: Adhere a faux moss around the brick with hot glue.

Step 3: Wrap a piece of twine around the brick and then tie into a bow.

Step 4: Slide a tea light into each hole at the top of the brick. Most standard sized bricks can hold three tea lights.

Step 5: Light the tea lights and display the decorations around the house or backyard.

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