Consider Project Details to Decide Between a Contractor or DIY Work

For homeowners, there will always be something to take care of around a property. From mowing the lawn to applying a fresh coat of paint, updates are constantly needed. Savvy homeowners tend to take on DIY projects with great confidence. Online videos and how-to articles give them the ideas necessary to complete simple projects. However, there comes a time when contractors may be needed. Consider the pros and cons to hiring a contractor versus DIY projects. There’s a time and place for both scenarios.

Constructing Structures

It’s always best to choose a contractor when it comes to constructing structures on a property. Walls for retention or sitting can be difficult to build for a DIYer. Pouring concrete for walkways, porches and other areas is also tedious without the necessary skills.

A Boulder landscape contractor can take a look at a property, and create a few options for the residents. Adding in a fire pit with a wall holding back a hilly area might be a consideration. Permanent structures such as these may not turn out as envisioned without professional advice.

Dealing With Safety Issues

There are a few safety issues that arise with certain repairs or upgrades. Replacing a rooftop as a DIY project just isn’t wise, for example. Professionals must take over on this project. Installing lights around the backyard is another concern for DIYers. Leave this work for the landscaping professionals. Voltages and currents must be carefully controlled and distributed through the wiring.

Serious accidents might occur in these cases. Err on the side of caution by leaving complex upgrades to the experts. Working with stone can also be a hazard. Falling stones from an improperly designed wall results in injuries to anyone nearby.

Timing the Work

At times, homeowners have a timeline that they want to follow. There might be a pending sale or event coming up in the next few months. Small projects, such as painting a small bathroom, are perfectly suited toward the DIYer. Consider the work involved with larger projects, however.

Adding siding to the exterior or completely renovating the kitchen will take days, weeks or months at a time. Time frames constantly adjust as work hits a snag, such as cutting materials to the wrong lengths. For large projects with a particular timeline, hiring a Broomfield landscape contractor is the smartest solution.

Investing in Tooling

Every project requires specific tools. Bandsaws, wet/dry vacuums and countless other tools may be necessary to properly complete the job. It may not always be cost effective to buy or rent all of these tools. The project may cost more as a DIY task than hiring a contractor.

The professionals typically have the required tools for each project. Their use is built into the project’s cost. For complex jobs, hiring a contractor is a better idea to save on tooling purchases.

Lacking the Skills

Many people have watched DIY videos on concrete stamping. The video makes the work look simple. However, the actual results will vary when residents don’t have the skills.

Think about the skills that are required for a project, including:

  • Laying out materials in certain patterns
  • Mixing substances to the proper consistency
  • Leaving tasks that require extra skills to the professionals will only help the residents in the long run.

Considering Building Codes

If a driveway, fire pit or siding are being installed, residents must remember that building codes are often part of the project. Permits and inspections are required. Most homeowners don’t know the details surrounding these requirements.

Allow a contractor to take over the project. They’ll secure every necessary document. Without their expertise, a project’s timeline can be derailed with delays based on missed inspections or improper construction.

Designing Challenges

Residents may want to build a wall surrounding their fire pit. The concept is simple, but the design isn’t necessarily as straightforward as they thought. Walls may need to be built into a hill with a curve to their shape. Contractors have the design experience and resources to work these details into the construction.

Consider other challenges that might arise, such as:

  • Grading the land
  • Creating drainage channels for pavement installations
  • Constructing fire-safe masonry in backyards

Unless the homeowners have design experience, contractors should be on the job otherwise.

Understanding Manpower

An aspect of project management that’s often overlooked by homeowners is the manpower involved. A complex project, such as renovating an entire backyard, can be quickly condensed with five or more workers performing the tasks. Homeowners may only have one or two people working on a DIY project. Manpower is the difference between a productive or lengthy project.

Homeowners are welcome to tackle the smaller projects that don’t require so many people. Transforming a small patch of soil into a flower garden is perfect for one or two residents. Always match the tasks to the proper number of people to see the project flourish.

Don King’s Difference

Homeowners who need a contracting professional can look toward a local, Boulder landscape contractor for help. Don King specializes in nearly every outdoor feature possible, such as:

  • Stamped and patterned concrete
  • Pool decks and pools
  • Drainage concerns
  • Fencing

Their services go even further to masonry work. Think about adding a retaining wall or fire pit to the property. Homeowners also enjoy basic services that revolve around landscaping, irrigation, xeriscaping and sod installation. Create an outdoor paradise with a few ideas from the experts. The experience will only improve the property’s value.

When residents need a dedicated Broomfield landscape contractor, explore various options with Don King Landscaping. The professionals offer a unique take on a property’s upgrades. In fact, the homeowners may be surprised at the suggestions that weren’t considered before. With professionals on the job, any residential project can be completed in little time.

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