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Custom Landscape and Gardens – Design and Installation

With our CAD-based Landscape Design Software you can view what your property will look like in the future, in 3-D. Don King Landscaping specializes in creating custom gardens to fit the exact needs of our clients. We have over four decades of experience and an extensive knowledge of plants and soils, especially those of Colorado and its demanding climate.


Don King Landscaping is an excellent resource for xeriscaping your garden! In an arid climate with water use restrictions, such as Colorado and the Boulder Valley, acquiring a contractor with the knowledge and expertise in low-maintenance planting is a must.  Xeriscaping is a sub-type of landscape design that requires minimal to no irrigation, and often times nominal amount of maintenance.

Through selecting proper plants on a strict environmental criteria, we ensure a thriving landscape and have been able to offer and uphold a one-year warranty on all plant-goods for the past four decades.
Water falls

Water Features

Fountains, ponds and water features are pleasing additions to any landscape design. DKL can create a custom water feature to fit your needs, while still creating a visually-stunning feature that will perform for years to come. After all, the complete aquatic garden, when skillfully integrated into a landscape, creates a place of quiet reflection or the musical sounds of nature at its greatest.