Masonry Projects For Your Yard

Serving the Erie, Colorado, area, Don King Landscaping has been a trusted source for business and residential people who would like quality landscaping and masonry services. For the past forty plus years, we have specialized in custom stone and brickwork. Here is a...

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Tips on Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Colorado Springtime

Follow Nature's Lead to Establish Healthy Plants in the Lafayette Landscaping The days are slowly getting longer. The neighborhood trees are showing the first signs of green buds. Spring has sprung in Colorado. However, establishing new plants at the wrong time can...

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Neat and Tidy: How to Maintain Concrete Driveways and Patios

Strong Efforts Contribute to Long-Lasting Driveways and Patios Nearly every homeowner wants to extend the life of his or her property materials. From painting the home's exterior to patching the roof, updating any section gives it a new life. This same concept applies...

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Nightscaping the Yard: Breaking Down the Basics

Draw the Eye While Providing Safe Passageways With Clever Nightscaping As visitors walk up to certain homes or businesses, they're struck with the beauty of the outdoor lighting. It's true that only a few properties have these majestic designs, but they're certainly...

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Puddles and Ice: Property Drainage Issues Solved

Improve Your Property's Value by Focusing on Drainage Issues After a rainstorm, puddles forming in the backyard might be commonplace. Property owners of both residential and commercial areas may overlook these issues. This mistake can prove costly because drainage...

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The Perks of Using Concrete at Home

Concrete Offers Countless Decorating Choices Around the Home The number of building materials is vast in the construction industry, from drywall to wood paneling. The majority of homeowners tend to think of these material types when they consider a renovation. Brick,...

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